Michael Spandel

As Co-founder and COO, Michael oversees all operations at VN.

If Michael had a motto it would be: “Health is the truest form of wealth.” His passion for systems that heal is foremost in every business endeavor and every project that he undertakes. Originally a therapist, Michael realized that detoxing our health was the real key to many of the issues plaguing us as a culture, and he set off into the business world to create solutions. He’s committed to reducing toxicity and waste in product development, always seeking new materials that are safe for the maker, the planet, and you.

Michael is constantly researching new health protocols, experimenting with detox methods, and reviewing the latest toxicant studies to support our clients and customers. For the last 15 years he’s been completely committed to the healing journey, reshaping people's lifestyles so that their bodies can heal themselves. He's coached hundreds of individuals from every walk of life - from the criminally insane to the CEOs of Inc 500 companies. We’re in awe of his dedication, and the universality of his healing methods.

Together, Michael and Sinclair have distilled their combined 30+ years experience in personal and  business development into a powerful suite of healing experiences and products for VN. 

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