Boho Chic + Modern Sophistication

+ A design house that celebrates the raw beauty of responsibly sourced materials
 + An artisan marketplace to delight the senses and inspire the best in people


Sustainably made

 + Products that are safe for the hands that made them, the planet, and you.
 + No single use plastics in products, no plastics used in packaging or shipping.


Vote with your dollar

 + Each purchase you make supports independent artisans.
 + You decide which social justice and environmental initiatives your purchase will support in your shopping cart.
 + This platform will emphasize growth through inclusive community development, seeking out diverse intersectional representation in the artisans that we feature.
+ 5% of every purchase supports Natural Resources Defense Council, Humane Society of The United States, Oceana, and Planned Parenthood Action.


Lead with your heart, change the world.

If you're here, we know you get it, too.  As conscious human beings, we're in this together.  Let’s create the world we want to live in.  Sound worthwhile?  We hope you'll share the journey, as an artisan, an influencer, or a friend.

About the founders

We're Sinclair and Michael, the duo behind VN.  We're from the interior design and materials manufacturing world, where Michael has focused on supply chain sourcing, and Sinclair has designed hundreds of home decor items for both big box stores and independent boutiques.  It's a match made in heaven - with Michael's commitment to reducing toxicity in manufacturing, and Sinclair's devotion to sustainable design, it was only a matter of time before these values coalesced.  As we both recovered from serious illness, we were ready for a passion project, and the future came into focus...

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