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AMPK Charge+

  • An innovative formula designed to support activation of the metabolic AMPK pathway, a critical regulator of metabolism, healthy cell breakdown and growth, and body weight.*
  • Can be used alone or in concert with intermittent fasting or carb-restricted diets to support metabolic health, normal inflammatory responses, energy production, fat breakdown, and longevity.*
  • Contains a 415 mg proprietary blend of DIM, quercetin, milk thistle, resveratrol, berberine, and cinnamon.
  • Safe to take daily and complements intermittent fasting and ketogenic or carb-restricted diets.
  • With the world’s most advanced phospholipid delivery systems, Quicksilver Scientific supplements can help to nourish your cells and fortify your body as they deliver their core effective ingredients faster and more efficiently.

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