Nina Berenato

Mountain Ring


Inspired by Mother Nature and the female body.

Various cultures around the world maintain the importance of mountain worship and sacredness. One example is the Tarakani of New Zealand. The Taranaki center their whole life around the sacred mountain. The rivers that flowed down its steep terrain fed the plants, animals, and gave the tribe all they needed for life. The Taranaki tribe places this mountain into a context of a love story, spelling out the history of their creation in a battle over love, defeat, and a happy ending where this Taranaki Mountain found love with a neighboring volcano. This narrative plays out in the lives of the tribesmen and woman where the mountain is their love, their life force. Life is given from it, and when life is taken away, the people are ultimately returned to the mountain. This mountain can be explained as anthropomorphisised, a living organism of its own.

Finished in 14k yellow, white or rose gold. This ring is hypoallergenic.

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